vision and ethics

„Every stroke matters.“

The idea of becoming a visual artist after working as a dramaturge and screenwriter for almost two decades at first did not feel like my idea at all. I needed two years of persuasion and during this time the paintings quite literally haunted me. My inner vision presented them to me regularly and with a lot of urgency behind them. But I was reluctant to follow my calling because of the seriousness I sensed behind it. After all, I had changed my profession already three times and the idea of starting all over in a very new field did not seem attractive to me. One thing was very clear to me: What was calling for me meant business, a lot of work and effort.

As an artist I feel inspired by people who realize their vision wholeheartedly and with integrity. That includes resisting the temptation to second-guess the audience or sacrifice genuine inspiration on the altar of mainstream taste. That also includes giving each single stroke, line or dot the same attention and the same power. My paintings do not have something like an undercoat, because they start with the very first layers. These often look very different from the layers that follow and although nobody will ever see them, I give them the same attention as I give to the top layers. 

Flow is most important to me and I decided to rarely, if at all, change my brush during a painting session.

It is impossible for me to return to a technique that does not want to be repeated. So far I have completed two works of art („Crystalline“ and „Gods“) that I like so much that I wanted to do more in the same style, but up to now I literally couldn’t. 

From time to time I have to change my location for a specific painting. Two paintings had to be done in Berlin, for one drawing I travelled to Prague. I really love these interactions with places. After taking up drawing I became much more flexible, because I can take paper and pens literally everywhere.

Caring for the environment and the ethical treatment of animals is very important to me. I use my materials very consciously and some materials like egg tempera I do not use at all.

I cannot make people like my art and I don’t want to. I am happy that there are so many different artists all over the world who make wonderful art for almost every taste and personality. What I can do is give my very best and take not myself, but my craft seriously.