Messages from the future


My drawings

A couple of years before I actually began to paint, I started seeing things, situations or relationships as patterns. I saw small things like the interaction of a leaf and an animal that steps on the leaf, which creates a very specific pattern. Soon I began to see bigger things like relationships between countries, which can be studied on many different levels. I became aware of the intricate patterns of relationships between people.

The pattern created by two people who truly love each other is extremely beautiful with wonderful colors. It tells everything about the foundation of their relationship. For about eight years I used my gift to help other people understand their current life situation and the changes they needed to make in order to change that situation.

I was truly fascinated by my gift, because it allowed me to explore the tapestry that we experience as our life. But it has happened to me over and over again, that I only have a specific access to levels of information as long as I need them to learn and to grow. And so this particular gift did not vanish altogether, but it became much less prominent and I seldom have it now. Instead, I became aware of patterns of things waiting to be born. I see and draw what I call consciousness-maps, because the patterns are blueprints for possible futures. As far as I know, I am currently the only person in the world that not only is aware of these currents from the future, but is also able to draw them. 

Everyone has on a personal level these possible futures around him- or herself, that show their highest potential, but not everyone decides to listen their promptings that can come from inside or outside. To stay on the most beneficial track often takes patience, courage and willingness to let go of outdated ideas and concepts. 

While I do my oil paintings, I get at least a vague impression what they are dealing with and what their function is. My drawings, on the other hand, come from a completely neutral space. They are not meant to be understood mentally, which is a huge advantage when it comes to bring in truly new ideas. Most people probably know that wonderful moment, when a new idea pops up seemingly out of nowhere that takes you to a place you have not been before. Therefore I recommend to view my drawings without trying to interpret them. If they provoke a certain feeling it is probably more accurate than a thought. 

To better understand the background of my drawings you may think of the internet. As a pattern, the internet was probably visible decades, if not centuries before the actual hard- and software was invented. What good would it have done a person travelling by horse or hackney cab to hear about it? Still – the stimulation was there for a variety of inventions, that summed up had a really huge impact on everyone’s life.  

I suspect that there will be a time when I will be able to grasp at least roughly the area of life a drawing is dealing with. Is it about technology or sociology or the plant world? Until then I enjoy to dive into the unknown and undescribable . 

From the very beginning of my artistic work it was clear to me that it is often connected to certain places. Two paintings absolutely had to be painted in Berlin, for a drawing I went to Prague, another one had to be started in Mallorca. I love to paint or draw something that makes me feel very clearly „oh, that is just wonderful for the area“. It brings new impulses to levels that had become faded and grey and now begin to look alive and luminous again. 

So, when looking at my own future, I see my paintings and drawings in many different places around the globe. Together, they create something like a multi-colored corridor with a fresh wind blowing through it.