Metaphysical Art

Metaphysical art as I understand it has no concept of how the world is, because it is being created anew in every moment. That is why there is constant movement within my paintings and drawings. 

Zero point art has neither beginning nor ending. Everything that can be described by language is but a look in the rearview mirror because we have long since outgrown what we can define by words.

Every person experiences their individual and fluid reality and is able to change this reality in every moment.

Every development unfolds in all directions and needs to be studied from all perspectives. This is fundamental for human development – psychological, emotional, spiritual – and also for my art. That is one reason why most of my paintings cover the sides of the canvas. They encompass all directions and the relationships between above and below, inside and outside. 

Most of the time I paint in layers. On some paintings there are hundreds of very thin layers one on top of the other, every layer in a different colourshade. With my inner eyes I also ‚see‘ in layers. 

Literally everything can be seen as layers or as a tapestry with the inner eyes. For the inner senses space does not exist the same way it does for the outer senses, so it does not matter whether something is huge like a continent or tiny like a leave of grass.

The painting of non-linear, multi-dimensional perspectives is initially quite challenging for the brain and the nervous system. The whole body reacts with fatigue, sometimes also with strong emotions or with nausea. The information is being transmitted through the glands and the lymphatic system. A strong vibration can be felt in the glands and sometimes in other parts of the body, until it has adjusted to the higher frequencies. 

In 2010 it was impossible for me to paint more than a couple of minutes while channeling new information on the canvas. With drawing I am still having similar experiences. Sometimes I can only draw for about ten minutes before I need at least a short break.

Now, why am I doing this? I could have what may seem an easier life by renting surfboards or running a bed-and-breakfast, which was actually a dream of mine for many years. 

I’m doing my art because it fills me with joy and excitement to discover new things. And because I had some life-changing experiences that left me with very interesting questions on my mind. I am not looking for final answers to these questions, but I love to ponder them. 

On one occasion I was doing a group meditation and felt slightly puzzled when all the sounds in the room went completely quiet. Suddenly there was no music playing softly in the background, no noise from the street outside the house, not even the faintest sound of breathing from the other people in the room. As I opened my eyes, I found myself in a completely white space. Everything was gone: no floor, no walls, no ceiling, no other people. And I thought: Oh my, now I am somewhere in-between. For a short moment I felt scared, because I did not know how to zoom back to where I left. Then I closed my eyes and imagined myself traveling back into the room where the meditation took place. That went well, the sounds came back and all the rest was also where it was before.

After that first time I had other experiences when my environment dissolved into white light and slowly assembled itself again. Not during meditations, by the way, but under very ordinary circumstances. This made me curious about the ‚blueprints‘ of realities. 

As an artist I learn by passing something on. After all, whatever you put your time and your energy into, it will shape your character and personality. I learned not to feel frustrated by the fact that most of what I paint or draw is not visible on the surface of the artwork. It can only be sensed. I learned to be patient, which comes handy when you do paintings that grow not over month, but years. Whenever I feel hurried, I paint even slower, which actually helps. 

I see the metaphysical information also in some paintings of other painters, even if they are / were not consciously studying the field of metaphysics. I can imagine those artists inner fights, because bringing in fluid information into a rigid system or mindset is quite a challenge.

Personally, I feel touched by art  with praise in it. It does not matter what is being deeply appreciated. Whenever someone finds something to praise in his or her songs or books, through their craft or their art, they show love for themselves and for the world. That is the kind of art I like to surround myself with.